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Photography Video Lighting EZ Softboxes, Background Support System, Muslin Black White, Chromakey Backdrops, Steve Kaeser Photographic Lighting & Accessories

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  • Two PBL 24in x 24in EZ SOFTBOXES. These softboxes are the most ingenious softbox ever made, they set up in seconds, no rods to bend or lose.
  • Two Photo High Output 50 Watt 5100k Daylight Photo Fluorescent Bulbs that equal 300 Watts of tungsten light
  • Two PBL Professional 7ft light stands, black non-glare metal tube construction, smooth and easy raising and lowering of each section, extends up to 7ft, rubber tips on legs to prevent movement.
  • Three PBL Extra Heavy Weight 6ft x 9ft backdrops that will not allow light to shine through, One Black use for low key Images…One White use for High-Key images and one Chromakey Backdrop
  • One Backdrops Support System crossbar extends out to 10ft, stands extend up to 7ft,Compacts down to 32in, black non-glare finish,10ft telescopic cross bar is secured to stands with locking knobs, keeps bar from falling off stands, complete with carry bag.

This light kits comes with two 24in x 24in PBL EZ Softboxes plus three 6ft x 9ft backdrops and a support system. These softboxes set up in seconds by pushing the center ring over the fixture, no more hassle, no more rods to bend or lose. quick and easy to set up. The high output fluorescent bulbs are designed to capture more detail in all your images, since these fluorescent bulbs have more of the color spectrum compared to tungsten bulbs. You will get more detail in every image. Now you can get the professional images you want with all video or digital cameras. This is easy to work with and will give you professional images with every shot. Produces even soft light that renders natural skin tones without any filtrations. These lights will not create hot spots like tungsten or strobes. This is what all the pros are using to get professional looking images. This lighting kit is used for high production work and can be left on all day without heating up your environment. Bulb life is rated at 8,000- 10,000 hours. These bulbs are special daylight high output flicker-free photographic fluorescent bulbs use for digital or videos. You will get almost shadowless light that will wrap around your subject. This lighting kit is one of the most versatile you can own, puts out more power than units costing twice as much. Can be used for digital photography or videos.

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Written by romanmarion2

May 26, 2013 at 5:21 pm

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