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Oggi 3-Piece Snap ‘N Seal Storage Container Set

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The three stackable containers in this set solve a lot of problems commonly found in refrigerator/freezer food-storage units. Airtight to prolong foods’ shelf life and odor-safe, they snap shut without struggle. Closure bars on the sides have sliding tabs called date/month reminders. Printed on one bar are all 12 months. Printed on the other bar are numbers 1 through 31. Slide the tabs to the appropriate month and date, and the food inside is date-labeled without your having to haul out the masking tape. Finally, each container has a plastic rack that prevents food from freezing to the bottom, permitting it to be easily removed. The containers’ bottoms are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and the clear acrylic lids are see-through. The containers come in 1-quart (8-1/8 by 4-1/2 by 2-3/8 inches), 1-3/4-quart (9-1/2 by 5-5/8 by 3-1/8 inches), and 3-quart (11 by 6-3/4 by 3-7/8 inches) sizes. –Fred Brack
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September 13, 2016 at 4:17 am

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