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This is Economic Suicide

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FinReg passed. The people who are happy must hate America. They must know that this bill is a socialist charter fostered on them by the global elite.This isn’t a financial regulation bill, it’s economic suicide. Remember a few months ago, when Ron Paul had a great deal of momentum behind him in trying to get the Federal Reserve fully audited? Why did he push so hard for that? It was because that private banking concern, which controls our money system, is the reason our currency is worthless. The United States is in a depression. And while the bankers get rich, some middle class America are turning to eating dog food.The FinReg bill just gives them almost total control of all things economic, right down to deciding which businesses it sees as “necessary to take over” for the good of the economy!This bill just handed them the keys to every city and every business in America. But that’s not all. It creates a new army of regulators, none of whom we elected, to oversee and make value decisions about virtually every facet of business.It also gets into things that should be major news on every network. But we know those in power that run the main stream media will never let the “real news” out. Inside this 2300 page monstrosity are all kinds of hand outs, political gifts, and back door politics.The bill will create some 20+ “offices of minority and women inclusion” at the Treasury, FED and other government agencies, to make sure they employ more minorities and women and grant more federal contracts to more businesses owned by these two group.It also includes a measure to make it easier for environmental groups, unions and other activist organizations that hold shares to put their representatives on the boards of directors of every company in the America! This is the so-called “proxy access” provision. So, if you’re an environmental extremist and you don’t like the way corporation ABC is letting it’s people drive autos to work, you now have a free pass to that company’s board, so you can start to change things to the way you want. Of course you did not help create that company, but now you have some control over it!It also creates an agency called the Consumer Protection Agency that can monitor, in real time, any company that it wants to. This includes even non-financial companies. And guess what? There is no provision in the bill for challenging that action. This bill gives the Fed direct access to any companys’ trade secrets.This paves the way to a massive amount of corruption on inside information because there is no oversight committee assigned to keep an eye on the watchers. Basically it lets outsiders in, so the information can go right back to the Federal Reserve, which can determine if they want that business to survive, or if it must be taken down.FinReg does nothing except expand the Fed, so they can take over whom they want and destroy whom they choose and expands more governmental control into every aspect of your financial life.

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August 10, 2016 at 2:47 pm

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